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"Comparing Branson Anderson to Bob Dylan almost seems too easy. To write Anderson off as a copycat or just another Dylan soundalike would be to ignore his distinctly modern take on American Folk-an adventurous yet unassuming sound. Anderson is also a magnetic presence onstage, bantering with audience members and blowing through solo acoustic arrangements of his songs with a breezy charisma." -Salt Lake City Weekly 

"His rollicking songs are imbued with a spirit of whimsy and wanderlust-Anderson's warbling voice on the latest single 'Don't Go To The City' makes it sound like outsider folk made by an insider...chews up vintage country and spits it out in woozy wonderment." 


“A genius pick...this was so good. You’ll be humming along, hopefully noticing how much it’s worth appreciating.”

-SLUG Magazine 

"You can hear that spirit of wanderlust in the tone and timbre of his music. It’s  classic Americana at it’s core and very clearly exhibits a due respect to artists like Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash whom Branson says he draws inspiration from. Like Dylan and Cash, there’s casual ease in the way he sings, but every lyric feels rooted in a modern truth. When he sings, “I never trust anyone that knows what they want,” I smiled because it’s true." -Blurred Culture

“A talented, tenacious troubadour from small-town Utah with a Dylan-esque twang and a handful of timeless tunes way beyond his years.” -Beats That Set My Pulse 


"The beats are infectious and the lyrics have us singing to the distinguished sound." 


"There’s a ramshackle charm to Branson T. Anderson’s music. Folky with an eye for avant-pop songwriting, it’s the kind of music that seems like it developed in a kind of wonderful isolation, bits of forward-thinking arrangements lovingly scotch taped to a staunch traditionalism that somehow manages to be both exceedingly pleasing, while still being a challenging listen." -LA Music Blog

"A show like this is the kind that becomes the stuff of myth." 

-Utah Concert Review

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